History and Development

Leading Designer and Manufacturer of Interconnection Industry

The objective of history and development is to let readers understand the road map what S-Conn has done during the past years, and what we are planning to do in upcoming digital era.

Through years of experiences, we start to supply our products world-wide to major OEMs, manufacturers, system builders, installers and resellers. We learn to know how significant and how important the connectors and assembled cables are to our life.

Driven by our customers’ needs, we come to develop all the managerial experience, knowledge, and skills to provide competitive interconnection solutions during the service to them. In order to meet the future trend of vast exchanging needs of information and provide customers with seamless service, a cable assembly line was built up in 2002. To provide more value-added service to global customer, in recent years, we have expanded our key competences to include diverse industries such as Various Piece Parts, RF/Microwave Connector, Cable Assembly, Antenna, Data-communication Installation Kits, and Structured Cabling Systems.

Growing Workforce 

S-Conn regards our staffs as greatest assets.  We believe top service is based on competent, motivated, enthusiastic staffs.  To this end we conduct regular training and motivation seminars, and offer regular award bonuses for exceptional performance.

New Technology implemented 

In 2000s we adopted the most advanced CNC machines and measuring equipments and developed supply partners to provide a wide range of standard connectors as well as the custom solutions for non-standard specification. Concurrently, we forged intimate relationships with clients to enable us to work together in partnership sharing our knowledge and experience to jointly produce the optimum solution for success. During these years, we have gradually become regular partners to many companies.  To name a few for your information, our customers include Trimble, Flextronics, Hirschmann, Agilent, and etc.

S-Conn is relevant to Quality and that’s why so many companies specify for our products for building total solution. If you have particular interconnection requirement, feel free to contact our sales office for quote.

2021 To Keep Abreast with the Market

COVID-19 breaks the traditional business market down and a new normal under development.  S-Conn doesn’t hesitate and stop.  Going forward is our commitment to conquer it.


The regularly shows at physical exhibition are enforced to postpone or cancel.  To eliminate the barriers, virtual facilities tour was added on web.  No enough, a further virtual showroom will be available early next year that can hyperlink from our website to approach and see what we are doing for interconnection under RF.

From software to hardware, RD department upgraded software for 3D modeling and new milling machine added to take a close look at the internal structure of our core products to enhance our ability to tap the new market for bespoke market.


To maintain the whole potation is fully complies per international criteria, 3rd party audit was executed for both 9001 and 14001.  Fully implemented 3R under our 5S policy and upgrading our telephony system from analog are major change to digital to protect environment and digital transformation at S-Conn.



Challenges & Optimism in 2020

It’s time to take a look at what we did in 2020, even the global market has unprecedented challenge to keep business afloat.

From below a collective photos album, S-Conn strengthened our organization, ISO14001 certified, set up new social media channels, new connectors, new equipment and machines. To cope with COVID-19, new investments to protect our staff, lighting arrest, emergency exit with lights, etc. are installed to provide healthy and safe workplace.

The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our daily life. We restart the LinkedIn and prepare the on-line event to change our marketing project.

After ISO14001, the lighting rod is set up at our roof to make sure all the in-house operations move forward smoothly. As an ISO 14001 certified supplier, safety is the shortest path from workplace home for our staff. The urgent lights and exit signs are implemented.

To take an action on latest trends to maintain competitive edge, a new VNA and new machines added for optimizing precise cutting and Bending have been implemented this year.

UB had registered now. It takes the advantage of 51% smaller size with higher operating frequency up to 12GHz. This new development aims for more flexibility when both electrical and mechanical engineering design needs to be taken into consideration.


2019 Another Peak

The super tension for trade war ignites uncertainties.  To embrace the next looming new opportunities, S-Conn intensified our RD and bought new equipment for next peak season.

High density is still on the  mainstream for Broadcasting Industry.  To meet the market trend and provide a solution to a local customer, RD releases a series, MCX  75Ω 12G SDI for their tiny metal enclosure.

To improve productivity for semi-rigid cable assembly, a bending machine is installed to provide a precise bending degree.

2020 will enter into the era of 5G.  The test and measuring face new challenges.  To ensure our interconnection can help customers to provide reliable signal transmission in mmWave, a new order for 70 GHz VNA is placed.  Will keep it updated when it’s implemented.

The Major Roadmap for 2018

Global Shows, Global Business
Striving for Excellence
From Shanghai, Bangalore to Munich, to strengthen the relationship with customers, and brand recognition

Software/Hardware Upgrade – Creating Success for Customers
To simulating more real world, new software and hardware are implemented.

Healthcare, Gala & Knowledge Augmented
New drinking filtering system was set up on each floor for easy access.  To build more diverse workforce, outside mentors address new concept, from ISO 9001, Materials to New Manufacturing Processes.

Uncertain future

2017 is a turbulent year.  The development of technology brings us new challenges.  Industry 4.0 and IoT are rapidly sweeping across the whole industry.  The new demand continues to grow but the lack of labor and ageing problems are impacting our operations.

Facing this situation, S-CONN has a well-thought-out plan by introducing intelligent and automation equipment such as new CNC machine, semi-automatic stripping machine, solder station, new air compressor, CNC vision measuring machine, and laser marking machine.  To enhance our brand recognition among Chinese, a branding strategy with our own brand “艾斯康” is registered.

S-CONN is moving towards smart and green manufacturer step by step.  Facing with an uncertain future, S-CONN is willing to join hands with you to move forward together.

Solid Edge 3D Software
To keep abreast with market, S-Conn strengthened our design ability through bringing Solid Edge.  We entered into 3D era for CAD in 2016.  With enhanced features, it has powerful engineering simulation capability for CAE. S-Conn can see the hidden risks of stress and deformation on structure before off-the-board.  The 3D modeling can help RD and sales have more efficient communication with customers
It provides a broad array of formats to lower the risk for converting at customer’s end, and calculate the weight more precise.  That can help us to evaluate the cost of plating and carrying.
S-Conn is used to work closely with its clients in order to meet the special requirements in every case.
Customer growth fuels need for additional space
To avoid whiplash effects from capacity constraints and the ever rising demands of customer for our RF Coaxial Connector and Cable Assembly, we have made necessary an early move to new and larger premises.
New equipment is implemented to strengthen our production and QA abilities.  We hope you will visit the new facilities on your next Far East Trip and give us the opportunity to show you the new arrangement will lead to still higher standards in production and service we provide.
12G UHD-SDI The extraordinary achievements in 2014. S-CONN successfully developed the Ultra Tiny BNC (fully compatible with the HD-BNC and Micro BNC), the series can meet customers high-performance, high-quality video of the demand for 12G UHD-SDI.


To meet the future demand for high-speed, high-quality, long consistent actively involved 6G SDI field, developed a series of fully matched Real 75 ohm BNC and 1.0 / 2.3 series RF Connector.

Brand new waterproof series connector:    In a variety of environmental factors, such as global warming and climate change, IP rating upgrade has become an important issue in RF connector industry. S-Conn actively involved in the development of IP67 rating connector, Include SMA, FME, BNC, TNC&N series RF connector. At the same time our waterproof series through IP68 rating grade test via the client authentication.

Precise Hand Press

Vector Networking Analyzer (75 ohm)

“SBIR” Achievements
Innovative display
Awards exhibition
ISO check
1.  To strengthen our competition under the harsh environment, S-Conn will extend our current production line to provide more valued added products to customer in 2009. The antenna is definite new field we have to explore. Through the help from Department of Electronic Communication Engineering, National Kaohsiung Marine University, we are pleased to announce S-Conn has passed an application from Construction Bureau of City Government to develop it and also get the complementary financial support.
2. New equipment “EDX-720” As our global village arise environmental consciousness day by day, S-Conn also has to take the responsibility to protect the only blue planet. Here S-Conn would like to introduce the new inspection equipment, EDX-720 Energy Dispersive XPF Spectrometer. Under the proper operation by our qualified technician, EDX-720 can examine several specific ingredients to assure a standard RoHS and ELV compliance. We believe the environment could become better by our contributory efforts. The new program is called SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) to assist the SMB to their lines card.Under this new program, S-Conn will develop several new antennas for the application on the WiMax.
3. I-Pex Crimper The market shifts to mobility, and it affect the current traditional connector to smaller, thinner, lighter and lower in profile.To catch up with the trend, S-Conn implanted two new I-Pex Crimpers to enhance our capability to meet huge demand for the application on Wireless Communication, such as WiMax, Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.Our commitment is only continuous progress can provide qualified service to create a win-win long-term supports.  

Starting to attend the overseas exhibitions

* More advanced machines adding on production lines
* VNA adding for QA
* lnk jet printing machine adding for production

* A full and dedicated cable assembly line was set up.
* 2.5D Measuring Equipment adding
* All division were removed to our new facilities under one-roof.