Date: 2021/4/8

Dear Valued Customers


How’s your business recently? Last year is the toughest year when COVID-19 breaks out.

At the beginning of 2021, we are back to new normal as production needs to meet the spurt of orders. The lead time is longer when it’s almost ceased fire in 2020. S-Conn takes full speed to enhance our productivity to meet the urgent demands for availability.

Last year we still announced a plan to develop new connectors for Ultra Tiny BNC-50 ohm series (fully compatible with HD-BNC/Micro BNC/Mini HD-BNC). Now it’s available for RG58/316 cables.

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If you would like to tap the new market for those, please feel free to contact us.



Connectivity Team at S-Conn.



Dear valued customers,

Subject: Ultra Tiny BNC (50 ohm)


With the increasing space-saving demand in telecommunication market, we see Ultra Tiny BNC becomes a more popular option instead of standard BNC.

It takes the advantage of 51% smaller size with higher operating frequency up to 6GHz. This new development aims for more flexibility when both electrical and mechanical engineering design needs to be taken into consideration.

Our Ultra Tiny BNC is fully compatible with HD-BNC/Micro BNC/Mini HD-BNC known by those global big players.

Feel free to contact S-Conn for more details.


Best regards

Your connectivity team at S-Conn