2020 Improvement

Dear Valued Customers Subject: Welcome to 2021.   Uncertainty and hardship related to virus may make it especially difficult to prioritize New Year’s resolutions in 2021. As an ISO 14001 certified supplier, safety is the shortest path from workplace...

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2020 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Subject: 2020 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year Dear valued customers, 2020 is coming to an end. Although it is a slow and debilitated year, the COVID-19 makes us reunion and rethink how to adapt to the new normal and change accordingly. We can get...

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Building Protection

Date: 10/29/2020 Dear Valued Customer Subject: We Care Our Workplace   As a reliable supplier, any disruption could affect the L/T we promise to our customers and it brings them inconvenience seriously. After ISO14001, the lighting rod is set up at...

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We Care Our Environment

Subject: ISO 14001        Date: 10/21/2020 Dear Valued Customers, Under OGSM, S-Conn sets up our objective to be a responsible supplier to protect our environment for next generation, we put recycle, reuse and reduction for our goal for operations....

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