2020 Price Adjustment

Date: 09/11/2020 Dear Valued Customers, Bullion has gained 30 % this year.  Gold is relatively more attractive as a hedge. Investors are looking for safe-haven assets that won’t lose value.  Under such circumstances, they fret about the economic outlook,...

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Eco-Friendly Environment The phenomenon of increasing average surface temperature of the Earth over the past decade is speeding up. There are various activities taking place which have been increasing the temperature gradually. To be a member of the Earth,...

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New Measures to Fight Virus

Date: April 10, 2020  To Valued Customers The COVID-19 pandemic is disrupting our daily life.  During the monthlong state of emergency for a lot of global customers, we would like to wish you, your families, and employees a wonderful and peaceful Easter....

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COVID-19, Contingency Plan

Under COVID-19, S-Conn’s Continuity Plan   As the COVID-19 situation is still escalating, we pray for you, your family, friends and colleagues stay safe. As our valued customers, it’s our pleasure to inform you that S-Conn is monitoring it every day...

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