Product Range, QA & QC

Product Range

This web will facilitate our valuable customers to know what we can offer on the following categories.

1. Piece Parts
2. RF/Microwave Connector
3. Cable Assembly
4. Antenna
5. Datacomm Installation Kits
6. Structured Cabling Systems

A “product” is the total bundle of satisfaction which is offered to customers not only the physical product itself, but also complementary components such as packaging, quick response, etc.  It’s our core philosophy to please our global customers.

Quality Control

Quality, S-Conn says

High quality products are defined as goods or serves that customers rate as being excellent.

In search of “Zero Defect” as our highest objective, Our QA team identifies problems in their own work areas. Our engineers monitor all stages of manufacturing from material control and goods inwards, to outgoing inspection, packaging and shipment, paying particular attention to our customers’ special requirement with our SOP, called S-Conn Quality Inspection Plan (QIP)

To name a few for information, details are available upon request.