Developed by S-Conn, our universal adapter kit (US-003-N) is developed for 75 ohm series (complied with SDI).  It allows you to create the coaxial adapter you need in seconds.  By selecting the right connector interface and threading them onto the nipple to create the one you need.

Our 75 ohm series are housed in a rigid plastic house.  The details are stated in description for information.


All kinds of 75 ohm series include 1.0/2.3, BNC, F, MCX, N, TNC & Ultra Tiny BNC (fully compatible with HD BNC & Micro BNC)

36 pieces in a rigid plastic box
-Plug & Jack for : 1.0/2.3 / BNC / F / MCX / N / TNC / Ultra Tiny BNC
-8 pieces of Nipple