Date: August 7, 2020

Exhibiting Shows in 2020

At the beginning of 2020, our sales team plans a grand project to celebrate S-Conn entering into 30th anniversary.  The venue starts from Melbourne, Australia, Taipei to Munich, Germany.  As usual, our sales team will bring the new RF Connectors and Interconnection solutions we made for the application of telecommunication and broadcasting Industries for demonstration.

The outbreak of COVID-19 changes the landscape completely.  Safety for all of us is on the top priority. Summer time doesn’t restrain it as the infected figures tell us it’s too early to predict our daily life will be back to normal shortly.

The shows are cancelled or postponed one by one.  Under such circumstances, we regret to inform customers S-Conn will not exhibit any physical shows in 2020.  From below table, customers will see the shift.  S-Conn intensify the demonstration by e-flyers and video.  Virtual show through our website will be a new alternative to keep customers align with what we have developed.

It will demonstrate what we have planned.  Our team sincerely invites you to visit and leave your comment.  Please pay close attention to our news on website.


Sales Team



Date: July 20, 2020

COVID-19 ignites ripples for global business, lock-down hurts business into an abyss that no one knows when it can be back on the track.

As a hub of electronics industry, the daily operation is affected.  Under the super stringent quarantine period, Taiwan is a safety place for exhibition.

TAITRONICS will be held at TaiNEX1. Want to know more about TAITRONICS? Please click here:

Our team will demonstrate what we have developed and discuss the new business opportunities post-pandemic.

Any further news, will be updated immediately.



Date: April 7, 2020

Dear Valued Customers

To struggle with coronavirus, as a supplier of RF connectors and cable assemblies for global customers, we continue to face uncertain economic conditions, transportation restrictions, etc.

Over the past several weeks, our sales team continued to monitor the global health conditions, so far, it’s worse than before.

Under such circumstances, the samples and material preparation is still undergoing for Taitronics.  Meanwhile, our team will update the status in case it’s cancelled or postponed on web.

Staying indoors and strengthening your immune system.  Looking forward to seeing you when the sky is clear.


Sales Team